Benboochka Firsts

Here are some Russian Toy Australian Firsts achieved by Benboochka Russian Toys

2012              1st Russian Toy to be registered with ANKC - Dracula Moomoon

1/1/2013       1st to enter the Australian Show Ring - Ooo Fab Falcooon Surprised Us All (IMP                         Sweden) 

1/1/2013       1st to win Best Of Breed - Dracula Moomoon (IMP Cze Rep )

24/2/2013     1st Canberra Royal BOB winner - Dracula Moomoon (IMP Cze Rep )

20/3/2013     1st Australian Champion - CH G’Minna De La Prunelliere (IMP Fra) 

31/3/2013     1st Sydney Royal BOB winner -  CH G’Minna De La Prunelliere (IMP Fra)

9/8/2013        1st Brisbane Royal BOB winner -  CH Ooo Fab Falcooon Surprised Us All (IMP                           Sweden)

 27/8/2013    1st litter born to two Australian Champion Parents - Benboochka

9/8/2014       1st Puppy to win Puppy of Breed at Royal Show in Australia  -  CH Benboochka                            Bride of Dracula

18/9/2014    1st Australian born RT to gain the title Australian Champion -  CH Benboochka                          Bride of Dracula

27/10/2016   1st Australian Grand Champion - Gr CH Ooo Fab Falcooon Surprised Us All (IMP                        Sweden)

7/7/2017      1st Australian Neuter Champion - Ch, Neuter Ch G'Minna De La Prunelliere (Imp                        Fra)

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