About Us

My name is Bernadette Rafferty  but I am much more comfortable with Ben and I have been showing dogs for many years now.  The beginning of this amazing hobby was with my first Chinese Crested show dog, Emcee Pickwick (E.T.) who introduced me to the world of rare and minority breeds. Over the years our family has included Great Danes, a Pekingese, a Deerhound and now my lovely Russian Toys.

My journey into the world of the Russian Toy began in 2010 when I decided I was ready for change and began to search for a new breed.  This new breed had to be a toy, very friendly and confident and without the health issues that we see so often in our toy dogs.  I found what I thought was a very strong possibility so I set off to the World Dog Show in Paris in July 2011.  I was won over after watching these little dogs in the show ring, with their humans outside the ring and especially when I was allowed to hold and cuddle these little creatures. I have begun my family with a Russian Toy from Czech Republic, Sweden and France, who have been joined by our home bred girl Benboochka Bride of Dracula (Anna) and our first Victorian born lass Lenishta On With The Dance (Lucy)    

We began 2013 with Australia’s first show for the breed, elevation of our lovely imports to Australian Champions and ending the year with our first litter of 2 males and 1 female red long coat puppies born to the first two Australian Champions.

2015 sees our breed expand to South Australia, Victoria, NSW, Qld and Northern Territory.  Sydney Royal in 2015 had our largest RT entry anywhere in Australia with 9 dogs from Vic and Qld competing.  

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Abc, QLD, Australia
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